NuPhy Halo75 mechanical gaming keyboard review

NuPhy Halo75 mechanical gaming keyboard review

The NuPhy Halo75 is a mechanical gaming keyboard that offers a high-quality and customizable gaming experience. With its swappable key switches, RGB lighting, sound dampening design, and multiple connectivity options, the Halo75 is designed to enhance productivity and provide an immersive gaming experience.

Design and Build Quality:

The NuPhy Halo75 features an attractive and sturdy design with a compact 75% keyboard layout. This layout allows for a more ergonomic and space-saving setup on your desk. The keyboard has a solid build quality, thanks to its high-quality materials. The top of the keyboard is made of aluminum, providing durability and a premium feel, while the bottom is constructed with sturdy plastic. The keyboard’s weight of 1180 grams adds to its stability and ensures it stays in place during intense gaming sessions.

Key Switches and Customization:

One of the standout features of the NuPhy Halo75 is its hot-swappable key switches, which allow users to easily customize their typing experience. The keyboard comes with the Night Breeze linear switches, but users have the freedom to swap them out with any of the six available switch options, including tactile and clicky switches. This customization option is ideal for gamers who prefer a specific switch type or want to experiment with different switch options for different gaming scenarios.

RGB Lighting:

The NuPhy Halo75 is equipped with stunning RGB lighting that adds flair and customization to your gaming setup. With individual RGB LEDs for all 83 keys, the keyboard offers vibrant and customizable lighting effects. There are 10 RGB backlighting effects for the keys, 4 RGB effects for the surrounding halo, and 4 RGB effects for the LED indicator on the top left. While the RGB lighting cannot sync with games or movies, the variety of lighting options allows users to create a visually captivating gaming environment.

Connectivity Options:

The Halo75 provides multiple connectivity options to suit different user preferences. It supports 2.4GHz wireless, Bluetooth, and wired connections. The 2.4GHz wireless and USB-C wired connections offer the lowest latency, making them ideal for gamers who demand quick response times. The Bluetooth connection is a convenient option for casual gaming or when using the keyboard with other devices.

Sound Dampening Design:

The NuPhy Halo75 incorporates a sound dampening design, making it one of the quietest mechanical gaming keyboards on the market. The keyboard features a built-in plate of PCB silicone that reduces unwanted typing noise. This thoughtful design ensures a quieter typing experience without compromising the tactile feedback and satisfying feel of mechanical switches.

Gaming Performance:

During gaming sessions, the NuPhy Halo75 delivers an exceptional performance. The keyboard’s responsive key switches provide precise and quick keystrokes, allowing for accurate in-game actions. The linear Night Breeze switches offer a smooth and quiet actuation, ensuring minimal noise distractions during gameplay. The keyboard’s sound dampening design further enhances the gaming experience by minimizing typing noise. With its customizable key switches and ergonomic layout, the Halo75 is designed to provide optimal comfort and performance for gaming enthusiasts.

Overall User Experience:

The NuPhy Halo75 offers a premium gaming experience with its high-quality construction, customizable key switches, and impressive RGB lighting. The keyboard’s versatility, with its multiple connectivity options, ensures compatibility with a wide range of devices. The sound dampening design and ergonomic layout contribute to a comfortable and enjoyable typing experience, whether for gaming or day-to-day productivity tasks. Additionally, the inclusion of a two-tone wrist rest adds ergonomic support and enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of the keyboard.

The NuPhy Halo75 mechanical gaming keyboard excels in both design and performance. With its solid build quality, customizable key switches, stunning RGB lighting, and sound dampening design, the Halo75 provides an immersive and comfortable gaming experience. Whether you are a casual gamer or a gaming enthusiast, this keyboard offers the flexibility and features to enhance your gameplay and productivity. The NuPhy Halo75 is a top choice for gamers seeking a high-quality mechanical gaming keyboard that can be tailored to their preferences.


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